123ICT have supported St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Bicester for many years.  Recently their windows server which was attached to a very old class set of laptops suddenly died.  Instead of replacing both server and laptops it was decided to help the school to move to a server-less cloud based environment using Google for Education and Chromebooks.

Our 123ICT Consultant worked closely with the school’s senior leadership to plan a rapid transition as it was going to have a large impact on teaching and learning across the school.  Working with 123ICT the school has saved literally £1000’s compared to replacing the traditional server-based route they had before.

St Marys have thirty Chromebooks so far. They are used by both students & staff at the school and all of the schools computer files are now stored in Google Drive.  The staff have setup various shared Team Drives to share certain data between individuals and groups of users. The staff love how they can now access their files from literally anywhere, and also how easy it is to use Google Drive File stream on non-Chromebooks.

After initial training by specialists at 123ICT the school is now using Google Classroom to assign work to students.  This has helped increase the productivity of the pupils and the collaboration between teacher and pupils.  Pupils are more engaged than they were before because the Chromebooks ‘just work’, they are quick to startup, login & use.

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