Customer Success Story from Abingdon

Rush Common School have been 123ICT customers for many years with a daily consultant visit as part of their ongoing contract.  Until 2018 they were using RM Netbooks, which were getting very slow, especially to log in.

Supported by their 123ICT consultant the school investigated a range of devices as replacements, and liked the look of Chromebooks due to their startup speed and low cost. After having a demonstration from 123ICT the school decided to buy one set of thirty Asus Chromebooks. This went well that the school decided to purchase a second set of thirty Chromebooks a short while afterwards.

The teachers like Chromebooks as they are so quick, and the children find them easy to use. The has now embedded their use of Google Classroom across the curriculum and have made good use of various Chrome and Android apps.

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Customer Success Story from Bicester

123ICT have supported St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Bicester for many years.  Recently their windows server which was attached to a very old class set of laptops suddenly died.  Instead of replacing both server and laptops it was decided to help the school to move to a server-less cloud based environment using Google for Education and Chromebooks.

Our 123ICT Consultant worked closely with the school’s senior leadership to plan a rapid transition as it was going to have a large impact on teaching and learning across the school.  Working with 123ICT the school has saved literally £1000’s compared to replacing the traditional server-based route they had before.

St Marys have thirty Chromebooks so far. They are used by both students & staff at the school and all of the schools computer files are now stored in Google Drive.  The staff have setup various shared Team Drives to share certain data between individuals and groups of users. The staff love how they can now access their files from literally anywhere, and also how easy it is to use Google Drive File stream on non-Chromebooks.

After initial training by specialists at 123ICT the school is now using Google Classroom to assign work to students.  This has helped increase the productivity of the pupils and the collaboration between teacher and pupils.  Pupils are more engaged than they were before because the Chromebooks ‘just work’, they are quick to startup, login & use.

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Our 2018 Success Stories

123ICT are celebrating our first year of Success Stories as Google for Education Partners…

The following twenty-three schools started using Chromebooks to embrace Google for Education and G Suite through the support of 123ICT during 2018:

All Saints, Didcot
Bladon Primary school
Burford Primary
Chadlington Primary
Charlton-on-Otmoor Church of England Primary School
Combe Primary School
Cumnor CE Primary
Eynsham Primary School
Grandpont Nursery School & Children’s Centre
Great Rollright
Hardwick Primary School, Banbury
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School
Kings Meadow School
Mabel Prichard School
Oakhurst Primary School
Rush Common Primary School
St Barnabas Primary
St Blaise CofE Primary School
St Johns Banbury
St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, Cassington
Stonesfield Primary School
Sunningwell Primary School
Tackley CE Primary School

You can learn more about some of their journeys on our Case Study page.

New Neverware CloudReady Installation

123Cloud Solutions have just completed the conversion of a suite of Windows PCs to Neverware CloudReady Chrome Desktops.  The school in question had a ten year old server which suffered a massive hard drive and RAID failure leaving them with a potentially huge bill to buy a new server and then re-image their 30 desktops.  123Cloud Solutions suggested we instead accelerate the school’s existing plans to move into the cloud, and convert their windows 7 desktops into Chrome Desktops.

Neverware CloudReady Chrome desktops

Neverware CloudReady Chrome desktops

This solution has saved the school thousands of pounds now which means they will have more flexibility when planning their future computing provision.

The Journey into G Suite

Many schools are faced with the situation where most of their pupil devices are becoming obsolete all at once. Schools purchased new servers and installed new laptops to run from these servers five or more years ago now. Most of these laptops suffer from failing batteries and missing keys and the servers are becoming less reliable and running server software which is heading towards end of life with updates ceasing in the next 1-2 years.
Luckily, however, school’s services such as Broadband has grown in reliability and available speed meaning that for the first time a cloud solution is looking like a realistic possibility.

One of our local schools is in a similar position to this. They have refreshed their laptops recently but their server has become an issue, and they’ve taken the decision to retire the server and move their file storage to the cloud. Being a small school (four classes including Reception) they have decided to all embrace cloud computing together.

With the support of 123ICT the school have purchased a new domain (£12 for the year) for their G Suite subscription and 123ICT has created their subscription and helped the school manage it overseeing the provision of users accounts and the set up of the G Suite domain to offer the correct services and apps to the correct users. 123ICT has also been able to help advise the school as to how to obtain parental permission by sharing privacy and data information from Google.

As the school has relatively new Windows laptops we have installed the Chrome browser so that staff and pupils can get easy access to G Suite for Education and Google Classroom as a learning tool.

123ICT has provided some initial training to pupils, helping two classes get onto G Suite for Education using their Chrome profile and to get started using Google Classroom. 123ICT has also provided some initial teacher training, which the school plans to develop and augment in the coming school year.

So impressed with Google Classroom were the teachers that they have made a commitment to complete their Google Certified Educator Level 1 course together during the course of the 2018-19 school year as their professional development target, all supported by 123ICT.

Their journey is only just beginning, and the ageing collection of tablets might find they are replaced with shiny new Chromebook devices as the school is carefully considering their next steps!