New to Google Classroom?

Google have just released some new content to their Teacher Center (yes it’s the American spelling!) for teachers who are getting started with Google Classroom.  It’s called ‘First day of classroom” and is currently featured on the front of the Teacher Center but can be reached directly via

It includes video tutorials on the basics of using Google Classroom to share links, set assignments and much more.

For teachers who wish to hone their Google for Education skills further we recommend you investigate the Google Educators qualifications.  You can find out more and access the free Level 1 training resources at

Get notified

One of the least-known features of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides is the ability to set up an alert for a shared document.  Schools can find this very useful for shared policy files and also shared data in spreadsheets.

The process to set up notifications is very straightforward:
1. On your browser, open a spreadsheet, doc or slide in Google.
2. At the top, click Tools then Notification rules.
3. In the window that appears, select “when” you want to receive notifications. Notify you when: …
and select “how often” you want to receive notifications. Notify you with: …
4. Click Save.

The next time someone changes a file you are sharing get notified!