Book Creator comes to the PC and Chromebook

Book Creator app

Book Creator, the well loved and well used iOS app, now has a web-app version meaning it’s available to any device online.

Teachers can sign up for the FREE level of access to try things out, but in reality will soon be wanting to subscribe.  The free level gives teachers a ‘library’ of 40 books to share with their class.  Access to Book Creator is really easy if you have Google for Education accounts and works seamlessly on Windows machines, Macs or Chromebooks.  Login is just a case of clicking a “Sign in with Google” button and then clicking your name.  Teachers get a five-character code to share with the class to join them to their library as a one-off task.  The interface is very easy to use and identical to the iOS one on the iPad.

Once students have joined your library the teacher can view each of their books as they are making them and even make changes live on each student’s work.   If you are connected to an interactive screen the demonstration and learning opportunities are huge!  Book Creator has a very simple interface but can be used to create very complex and professional-looking books and comics with ease.  Once complete books can be printed or downloaded as ePub books or viewed online.

The paid-for levels allow teachers to share access to libraries, allow for online collaboration and also bring the ability to create far more books to your library.

Book Creator is a web-app everyone should take a look at!  Find out more and sign in to your free account at