New to Google Classroom?

Google have just released some new content to their Teacher Center (yes it’s the American spelling!) for teachers who are getting started with Google Classroom.  It’s called ‘First day of classroom” and is currently featured on the front of the Teacher Center but can be reached directly via

It includes video tutorials on the basics of using Google Classroom to share links, set assignments and much more.

For teachers who wish to hone their Google for Education skills further we recommend you investigate the Google Educators qualifications.  You can find out more and access the free Level 1 training resources at

Autumn Google for Education Events from 123Cloud Solutions

Successfully received events

123Cloud Solutions has completed a round of well-attended and successful Google for Education events in Swindon and Oxfordshire over the past few weeks.

We had a total of twenty-nine staff from sixteen schools take part in our hands-on workshops from around Swindon and Oxfordshire.

In the sessions we demonstrated the value and flexibility of Cloud file storage and demonstrated the power of Google Classroom as a ‘glue’ for classroom work.  We demonstrated that teachers can easily share files, videos and web links and also can hand out work individually or collaboratively BUT also keep ultimate access to that work in an easy to manage way.

All of the staff who attended spent time using one of two models of Chromebook loaned to us by Asus.

We are planning future events in Banbury for the Spring of 2019 (more news to come shortly) and we are also looking towards visiting Aylesbury or nearby for a future workshop event too.

123Cloud Solutions will also be present as part of 123ICT’s stand at the Headteacher’s conferences for Oxfordshire and Bucks headteachers.

If you would like to learn more about Google for Education, or book one of our team to demonstrate Chromebooks and Google for Education in your school, please contact

The Journey into G Suite

Many schools are faced with the situation where most of their pupil devices are becoming obsolete all at once. Schools purchased new servers and installed new laptops to run from these servers five or more years ago now. Most of these laptops suffer from failing batteries and missing keys and the servers are becoming less reliable and running server software which is heading towards end of life with updates ceasing in the next 1-2 years.
Luckily, however, school’s services such as Broadband has grown in reliability and available speed meaning that for the first time a cloud solution is looking like a realistic possibility.

One of our local schools is in a similar position to this. They have refreshed their laptops recently but their server has become an issue, and they’ve taken the decision to retire the server and move their file storage to the cloud. Being a small school (four classes including Reception) they have decided to all embrace cloud computing together.

With the support of 123ICT the school have purchased a new domain (£12 for the year) for their G Suite subscription and 123ICT has created their subscription and helped the school manage it overseeing the provision of users accounts and the set up of the G Suite domain to offer the correct services and apps to the correct users. 123ICT has also been able to help advise the school as to how to obtain parental permission by sharing privacy and data information from Google.

As the school has relatively new Windows laptops we have installed the Chrome browser so that staff and pupils can get easy access to G Suite for Education and Google Classroom as a learning tool.

123ICT has provided some initial training to pupils, helping two classes get onto G Suite for Education using their Chrome profile and to get started using Google Classroom. 123ICT has also provided some initial teacher training, which the school plans to develop and augment in the coming school year.

So impressed with Google Classroom were the teachers that they have made a commitment to complete their Google Certified Educator Level 1 course together during the course of the 2018-19 school year as their professional development target, all supported by 123ICT.

Their journey is only just beginning, and the ageing collection of tablets might find they are replaced with shiny new Chromebook devices as the school is carefully considering their next steps!